Alphabet Street

Balram Kaushal has a strong background in Black and Minority Ethnic languages. His father launched a pioneering publishing style in the early 1960's, with the first Hindi language weekly newspaper in the UK to offer new arrivals a synopsis of news from the Sub-Continent.

Alphabet Street was born out of the need for Local Government to find a company with sound knowledge of BME Languages. Kaushal understood the needs of the emerging immigrant communities and left a successful career in the City to set up Alphabet Street.

Much has evolved in the time since Alphabet Street was launched in terms of technology and customer requirements. Kaushal uses his knowledge to offer clients a way of building easily accessible, cost effect, quality translations and other channels of communication that help to get their message across.

Putting your trust in a translation company is a huge act of faith and the implications of getting it wrong go far beyond the individual project itself. Kaushal uses his wealth of experience to support your requirements with truth and transparency to offer the best possible options be it on a project-by-project or hourly basis.